About me

I am a computer engineer and mathematician, currently studying the Master in Computational Science at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. I am also working as a developer and analyst in Naudit High Performance and Computing.

My interests are broad, from parallel computing and low-level networking to the design and development of systems and services. I'm attracted to everything that requires careful thought and innovative solutions, especially if advanced mathematical tools are involved.


Guillermo Julián Moreno. Monitoring, capture and intelligent storage of network traffic at 40 Gbps, May 2016. End of degree project.
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Preprint. DOI.
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My open source projects

I firmly believe in open source software and I try to open source most of the projects I develop. Here are some of them:

Ocell This Twitter client started as a test to see what could be done with Windows Phone. Over time, it became a complete client with advanced features, such as multiple columns, advanced filtering or multiple account management.

AncoraMVVM As I started doing more Windows Phone work, I found that the existing MVVM frameworks didn't exactly suit my needs. AncoraMVVM is a framework targeted to the Portable Class Library (PCL) with features that help and speed up Windows Phone development.

Latex-CD A system to automatically compile and upload LaTeX documents from a git repository, capable of automatically reporting build failures as Github issues. Explained in depth in my personal blog.

Math - CS notes (In spanish) During my degree in Mathematics and Computer Engineering, some students decided to take notes in LaTeX of our classes and publish them in Github. I've written some of those subjects and contributed to others. I've been also the main developer of the auxiliar LaTeX packages and macros used.